We have been on business since the 90's

We CARE and we deliver superior products and services safely and efficiently, continuously innovating to exceed our costumer's expectations.

iMerex was started in the early 90’s by brother Ric and Mark Mercado who were both working abroad. Being OFWs themselves, they saw the oppurtunity of establishing a company focused on genuine reliable service for the door to door deliveries of the Filipino OFWs. Hard work, dedication and perseverance enabled the Mercado brotheres to succeed with iMerex. They created their own freight forwarding business system which they have adjusted to the requirements of their own countrymen who were living in foreign countries.

In 1996, iMerex started the door to door delivery services on small scale with only one van. With their focus on genuine reliable service, commendation from their initial customers were generated and led to a significant increase in business. What was one a one van business has now become a conglomerate with a fleet of trucks and vans. After establishing their nationwide network and international affiliates, iMerex become a corporation in 2003 and was registered as iMerex Group of Companies, Inc.. iMerex has now successfully invested in other business ventures such as domestic freight forwarding industry, real estate, agriculture, restaurant and hotel business and construction.


  • To deliver superior products and services safely and efficiently, continously innovating to excced our customer’s expectation.
  • To provide a great place to work in, reward creativity and enthusiasm and provide opportunities for career advancement and personal development.
  • To maintain sustainable and athical mutually beneficial relationship with customers businesss partners and supplies.
  • To commit ti the continual improvement of our processes and quality of our services and products.
  • We work together for excellence and with enthusiasm in everything that we do.
  • We are a company sought by motivated people who are keen in investing time, dediccation and resources with us.
  • Our business is a significant contributor to the global economy.
  • We measure out success by how we improve the lives of out people and thier families, and the communities we work in.

iMerex beliefs and values are summed up in a word CARE.

C – ustomer is boss

A – lliance with partners

R – esponsible to others

E – xcellence is the standard